Welcome to you noble warrior!
To play the demo, it’s here :


Sais-tu qui je suis ? Si tu as laissé le hasard
te lancer ses propres défis, alors sois le bienvenu :

50 challenges for a place in history !

The legend tells that some day a human would come to the realm of Asgard and play by the alongside of the gods… Will you be this hero?

In Par Odin, you play as a human warrior come to perform 50 challenges to sit at the table of the gods. In this solo, narrative and evolving game, you will gradually discover the mechanical richness of the game and the world of Nordic mythology.

A tiny box for hours of play!

Release Autumn 2018


A 48-page booklet to discover a unique adventure in the company of gods and Nordic mythology.


50 challenges to learn to master the 9 divine dices. A challenge that is renewed and intensified at each stage of the adventure.


Once you’ve completed your quest, brave the unknown by letting chance challenge you. And discover how to continue playing alone or with others.

Will you take your place at the table of the gods?