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Panic Island, a cooperative game in 2 minutes, stopwatch in hand !


Panic Island is a limited time cooperative game. Your goal is simple: explore the island to save as many people as possible before the volcano explodes. All in 2 minutes top time! But beware, the island is full of traps… Adrenaline and atmosphere await you!

It's up to you...

Cards are dealt face down on the table. Each in a row, take your turn in turning over 2 cards. Beware of the volcano !

Rescue the characters...

Explore the island to rescue all the inhabitants, and avoid traps that will make waste a precious time.

In 2 minutes, stopwatch in hand!

Find the raft and the paddle to leave the island before the eruption of the volcano. The game ends when the time is up.

Will you be able to rescue all the inhabitants of the island...?