Complices, a cooperative party game for 2 players

Two players - Cooperative - Surprising

Put on your colorful filter masks in this surprising game where players do not see the same traps…
Ready to become the greatest of thieves?

Fiesta de los Muertos, the cooperative party-game that awakens the dead!

Word game - Cooperative - Party-game

The dead are back in Fiesta de los muertos! A cooperative party game mixing imagination and deduction for endless laughters.

Little Panic Island, the cooperative party-game for children !

Children - Cooperative - Party-game

If in 2 minutes you have not returned, the cake will be completely eaten by the pranking monkeys! So, will you be able to find all your friends in time ?

Par Odin, 50 challenges for a totally divine narrative game!

Solo - Adventure - Puzzle

Challenge the gods to their own game! The divine dices of Odin will allow you to rule mortals. But will you just manage to manipulate them?

Cooperative - Limited time - Memory

The volcano has just erupted! You only have 2 minutes to save as many characters as possible. Will you cooperate to avoid the dangers of the island?

Observation - Reflexes - Food Chain

Enter a ruthless jungle, where prey and predators fight mercilessly. Will you be up to it?